Available courses

This course is designed to teach you the top 10 essential Photoshop tasks for fiber artists and sewing enthusiasts. The course is currently underway and no longer available to new students. Go to http://www.pixeladies.com/classes/ for more information.

This class uses Photoshop's tools and layers to explore the elements of design: line, color, shape, and texture. Actual instruction last 4 weeks. The classroom opens a week earlier and remains open six months after the class ends.

  • Photoshop Elements (Version 13 or newer). Photoshop users are welcome.
  • Previous registration in PSE 2 OR knowledge of PSE tools and layers.
  • Drawing tablet with stylus. While students could use a mouse or trackpad to draw, they need the fine control that a pen tablet offers and will not be able to perform the specific brush manipulations without a drawing tablet.
This class is officially over. The classroom will remain open until December 11, 2017. If you were enrolled in this class and have difficulty accessing the classroom, please contact us using the contact form.